I will bless the LORD at all times;
His praise will always be on my lips

Ps 34:1

I am first and foremost, passionate about worshiping Jesus my Lord and Saviour. Over the past few years I have also been led to write songs from my heart to God with a focus mostly on simple congregational friendly tunes. I am based in Southampton, UK.

My story

Having played guitar and bass from an early age, I have been involved in church worship for over 30 years in both leading and supporting roles in worship bands. Currently, I regularly play bass guitar in my church and I’m so passionate about the drum/bass partnership which forms such an essential foundation for all the other instruments to build on.

Many years of bass playing means my approach to song writing is often strongly rhythm led.

Recent years

At the start of 2016, I felt called by God to host a worship session every Monday evening at a local church. The focus was always to host the presence of God, seeking a filling of His spirit in that place that would overflow and change the spiritual atmosphere in that area and in our city.

Although I may never know in this lifetime, I truly believe that spontaneous miracles and healings occurred during those times in the houses that surrounded that place of worship just because when God’s presence comes, those things just simply happen; everywhere that Jesus was present, lives were changed, the sick were healed, even the dead rose to life.

By mid-2018, I sensed the chapter was closing on the Monday Worship sessions and so at the end of that year, almost 3 years from when it began, it naturally came to a close. I am eternally grateful for those that committed to journey with me every week in bringing His presence down, and also for what I consider to be a crash course in spontaneous worship and simply going wherever His Spirit wanted things to go.


During the Monday Worship sessions, many songs, words and refrains emerged which would keep coming back to me time and time again. I felt led to start writing these down which was the start of my songwriting. Some of them became complete songs and some still remain as shorter phrases that I come back to often, as they echo my heart of worship to God.

It’s my prayer that as I release the sound that God has placed within me, that those that hear it are blessed, healed and restored.

Find out more about each song I have written on the Songs page.

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Links to everything here: https://linktr.ee/joelcaws

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