Time to illuminate?

God – what is my purpose here?

If you’ve been struggling to understand your purpose or feel like you haven’t really realised your potential in living for God then illuminate is for you!

What is ‘illuminate’?

Illuminate is a journey guide that I was inspired to write during 2023 in response to the path that God has been leading me on over the last 4 years in recording and releasing the songs He had been placing on my heart.

My own journey in discovering my expression of how I am created to shine my light for God, and then beginning to shine that light, has been the most fulfilling and enriching stories of my walk with God so far.

The result is a 5-part guide in helping you to understand and discover how you were made to shine your light for Jesus in your own unique way, and then to begin to shine that light!

The best news is, you can get Illuminate as a 5 part PDF series for FREE by filling in your name and email address below. You will then receive 1 part per week over the next 5 weeks.

If you can’t wait, or prefer something physical to sit down with including including space for you to journal and reflect, Illuminate will be available to order in paperback form on Amazon from Friday 24th May.

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